(I’m not the only one) who feels like this

Summer unofficially ended today.

I never thought I could watch the stars again,

but a funny thing happened on my way

through the seasons.


I stopped thinking about you. It was hard.


It still will be a process, I’m sure.

You were wonderful, and I will miss you

for a long time. We were in love.

Until we weren’t.


There were too many days when I wondered

how such a winter fell over us.

Everybody wants a new start. None of us

know how to begin again. Until we do.


One of these years, I will remember

that each day lives or dies the way

we build it.


So, here is my wish for everyone:

feel the sun lift you and the day carry you.

Laugh because you can, and love the knowledge

that happiness is contagious.

Let the moon calm you and fill you with wonder.


Rinse. Repeat.


We only have so much time.

Let’s spend it in awe of ourselves

and each other.

2 thoughts on “(I’m not the only one) who feels like this

  1. Amanda

    I read this as I sat in my car dripping rainwater all over from getting stuck in a sideways type of rain. Such is life:such is love. I smiled for the piece of enlightenment you are sharing with the world, that and one of my favorite sounds of a heavy rain falling on a car roof. We do love again, though each time it is a different love, we must remember to treat it that way.


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