Monthly Archives: July 2016

Maybe, Vessels

When you were young, you played with your friends and used your imagination, dreaming of a better world–even if that world was just for you.

You didn’t think about Us versus Them, and you didn’t hope to grow up to hate and fear, your eyes glued to a small screen, fingers scrolling endlessly through bad news into worse news.

When you were young, the World was wide and Forever meant something. You didn’t think about bills and hardships. In all likelihood, you didn’t worry about your health, or stress about paying bills. If your family wasn’t perfect, you still loved them, and maybe you even spent some time together.

Sitting in front of a computer screen, watching, reading, and absorbing years of negative energy was not a goal. 

When you were young, you didn’t think you would log into a program and willingly pass your days letting the thoughts and actions of others affect You–the product and creation of your parents, imperfections notwithstanding, a Being capable of shaping your own desires and pursuing them. You did not dream of denying others happiness. You might even have thought about how you might bring joy to others. 

Now the days pass, and the moments in which you catch a glimpse of your former Self, you do not recognize or remember that World. 

I do. 

You were born for more. It is time to remember.