the right song at the right time

Every Day is a Gift

is a sign we should hang above our beds

or doors to see it as we come and go.

Sometimes we can remember it on our own, but

the constant knowledge of what really is happiness

(and how we can have as much of it as we want)

is something worth pursuing. Maybe the biggest thing.


Most days start and end unremarkably

in terms of events, but there was no guarantee

that we would be amazed beyond the reach of our

hearts and minds in the first place. 

We cannot wait for life to happen.

And so, our State of Mind is the space we realize,

and where we engineer our paths.

Heart rides shotgun,

and controls the radio.


When that song plays and the rush comes over us,

the real build begins. It can happen any moment, or every day.

We need playlists, not maps.


Your melody is the sunrise for which I have waited.

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