The Marshall Plan: Two Creators

In 2009 I asked my sister if she might know of any places that could be good for earning extra money, and she pointed me toward Uncle Sam’s, a sandwich bar in the Robinson Township area of Pittsburgh. I started working there about a week later, and stayed for seven years. I have too many stories to share about that amazing place–that is something I will trickle out in savory dollops. Today, I would like to write about Stacie and Chay Marshall, two real-horrorshow Troma-watching lovebirds who tied the knot this year. They just celebrated the Stacie and I bonded over 400-degree Vulcan flat-top grills and ridiculous customers. We passed the time on our shifts by referencing (non-stop) any and all pop culture, including guilty-pleasure TV binge-watching, indie films and indie artists, and, my favorite of all, satellite-delivered college or alternative rock (at this very moment, this unexpectedly addictive gem is playing for you, Stace). Stacie’s theories about upcoming Game of Thrones episodes often brought me to a standstill, and I’m positive that I overcooked my already-overcooked cheese steaks.

One of Stacie’s creative pursuits materializes on Etsy, where you can find her wares. I never was much of a hands-on creator, and I have watched Stacie’s work for years with an extreme interest in the thousands of hours she spends to do what she wants to do, and what she should be doing full-time: creating. Click here to visit her shop.

Chay is Stacie’s co-swashbuckler. I met Chay not long after I met Stacie, and although we have never slung sandwiches together, Chay’s channeling of Master P “unnnnhhhh!” is not something to be taken lightly. Part post-punk and post-art, and all pre-Revelations, I haven’t seen Chay’s final form, but I have seem glimpses of his power, and I think his digital art is otherwordly. You can sample some of his work here.



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