I wanted to hit pause on everything

to back away and see what these two months of winter

had done. Nobody else got the memo, though.

So, instead, I kept going.

I stayed up late at night and thought about from whence the

drive had sprung.

I decided that the answer was inside all along.

We’ve always known what moves us; what separates is the

courage to do so.

All this time passed and we don’t know and we never knew

why things fell the way they did.

After a while, it didn’t matter.


In the grand scheme, we know what burns inside.


We know what matters.

I didn’t make any resolutions this year.

I decided to just try to do some things I always wanted. I decided to live.

The dream buried deeply will still be felt

until we abandon everything.


I won’t do it.


What I’ve found in these weeks looking has changed me

more than the years I spent not.

I hope everyone sees what I can see.

So, let’s keep driving these winding roads.

What lies around the bend is lasting.

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