Ad man

Radio silence on my end for a few weeks as I have been watching too much television and overconsuming. Middle-of-the-night wake-ups and the nagging feeling of would-be subatomic reactions and neurological firestorms, but not necessarily paired with direct action. Somethingsomethingsomething Kinetic vs Potential, et cetera.

This is the part where I impart some wisdom. This is the part where we alter our behavior. This is the part where a string of words creates a chain reaction in you and in me and years from now we remember this as the high-water mark. This is the part where everything smoldering explodes in a brilliant supernova and you destroy your old life.

Modern angst getting you down? Check out Gary Vaynerchuk. Super random encounter online and long-dead circuits began whirring again. This terrible machine is alive. I will never let it die again.

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