the only way to slow the day down is to watch the sunset reflecting in the lake

and even then I am complaining

while the seconds are passing and I feel the old dread

start the tide moving in

when all I really want to do is let it take me back out there


way out there


where art and music overpower and stars twinkle into existence

to remind you and me and us that the daily does not matter


the journey is all

and used to be

and will be again


this is temporary and indeed

the waves come and go and there is a Tai Chi flow

that makes me think if only I could breathe

the right way

exhale with a healing force at the right moment

as an Energy passes through me


if only


it looks like I will have to keep working at it

while Suboxone ads are popping on a playlist meant to

distract and increase the gravitational pull


initiate the tides



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