Formidable Joy

A busy few months and then (suddenly) spring

Had a long talk with a friend tonight

After one of those madcap days that was over as soon as it began

And sitting there long after the others had cleared out

The conversation veered toward deeper things

As is customary such nights

We shared a few stories and grinned at some

But shook our heads at others and sighed

It was clear (to both of us)

That this was the best it had been in quite some time (on many levels)

And that would normally be cause for celebration

But not everybody in our circles sees it that way

Which is one of the great mysteries in life

Let alone mid-adulthood (after many tough lessons learned)


So it was off to bed to see how the sun would greet us the next day

On the drive home I felt again how happiness is a choice (after a point)

And we should all be lucky enough to reach that fork

(I hope some of the others feel that too)

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