Traction Control

Young professionals sitting at an empty bar on a dead Tuesday night 

Taylor-Swift blonde: “This one time, I was flying home to Pittsburgh, from the UAE, and I came home for my friend’s party, and then I went home, took a nap, and then went to New York the next morning, at, like, 5 a.m. I was home for, like, eleven hours.”

Bro: “Yeah, I see what you’re saying.”

Taylor-Swift blonde: “So, like, what I’m saying is, are you going to make it happen? Are you going to do it? Or are you going to Talk about ‘what you’re gonna do’?”

“Like, my friend Shannon–she has so many things she wants to do…”

“Well, I guess, like, I have friends who, like, have things they wanna do…”

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